Ferris bueller’s day off part 1 of 11

Ferris bueller’s day off part 1 of 11

00, including shipping. This is a case of a gem sandwiched between two turds, as the best of the Halloween sequels H20 is unfortunately bookended between the two very worst sequels Curse and Resurrection. It is on the strength of H20 alone, that I decided to splurge on the Canadian import. So, was it worth the trouble and cash to purchase this import? Certainly, for me I feel it was. Although Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and Halloween: H20 are presented in 1080i only Halloween: Resurrection is shown in 1080P, the picture quality of all three of the films look respectable, certainly heads and shoulders above any DVD release. The aspect ratio for Halloween: H20 is indeed in its original aspect ratio of 1 Halloween: Resurrection is also shown in its correct aspect ratio of 1, while Halloween: The, originally released in 85:1, is shown in an incorrect aspect ratio of Sharpness is good, colors are accurate looking and blacks are strong for all three films. There doesnt appear to be any edge enhancement or DNR. Is H20 on the Alliance triple-pack presented better than the Echo Bridge release? Yes, it is. The print on the Alliance release isnt quite as dirty-looking as the Echo Bridge Blu-Ray although its far from clean, and the original aspect ratio is left untouched, restoring the films cinematic look that was lost on the Echo Bridge release. In the end, it would have been ferris bueller’s day off part 1 of 11 if they cleaned up the print for Halloween: H20 a bit which unfortunately looks the shabbiest of the three films, but all things considered, H20 looks better than the Echo Bridge presentation by a fair amount, even in 1080i. The audio on the Alliance release H20 completely blows away the Echo Bridge release. In fact, the audio for all three films sound quite good, with each film given a solid 1 DTS-HD Master audio soundtrack, complete with strong surround effects and good bass. So, the bottom line is, is the Halloween Triple Pack worth the 00 and up price which this Blu-Ray is going for? For hardcore fans, I would say yes. Now, make no mistake about it, all of these films can and should be presented in a far better manner on Blu-Ray than what is on the Alliance triple-pack disc, with a nice 1080P picture and special features galore. Yet, for what it is, hardcore fans should be pleased, as the presentation for all three movies is quite decent. However, for casual fans, in spite of my poor review, I do think theyll be better served with either the 99 Echo Bridge stand-alone Blu-Ray release of H20, or the 00 Echo Bridge H20/Curse Blu-Ray double feature. The fact is, I simply cant justify casual fans shelling out 30-plus dollars for one good film, two awful ones and zero extras. Casual fans likely wont mind and may even prefer the screen-filling open matte presentation of Echo Bridges H20 Blu-Ray release, and will probably feel satisfied enough with the Dolby 0 lossless soundtrack; that being said, any self-respecting hardcore fan or audio/videophile will want to steer far clear of this disc. The sad reality is, this is probably as good as its going to get for these films on Blu-Ray in the Region A at least for a while. Hopefully, Echo Bridges distribution rights while expire sooner than later ferris bueller’s day off part 1 of 11 these Halloween films, and theyll see a better presentation down the line. Needless to say, Im going to take a pass on future offerings from Echo Bridge. 0 out of 5 stars Could have been better, could have been worse It is twenty years after the original Halloween.

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